Comparative video of preservation efficiency of mouse fibroblast cell line

Self-prepared preservative solution
(FBS containing 10% DMSO)
Self-prepared preservative solution

Experimental conditions • Cells used: Mouse fibroblast cell lines (MEF obtained from American Type Culture Collection) • Number of cells stored: 4×106 cells/vial. Each cell was suspended in 1 ml of preservative solution. • Storage temperature: -80ºC. Cells were directly placed in a storage box and cooled without using BICELL, etc. • Storage period: 45 days

A number of dead cells as well as stagnation of growth potential were observed in self-prepared preservative solution; however, Bambanker® showed vigorous cell proliferation ability immediately after thawing, and survival of almost all cells was confirmed. (For details, refer to the user’s report at the top of the page)

BAMBANKER® is a serum-free medium for long-term freezing at -80℃ and preservation of valuable culture cells such as tumor and normal cells.

<For Research Use Only>


  1. Serum-free
  2. Ready-to-use medium for preservation of cells
  3. No program freezer is required
  4. Rapid and long-term freezing and preservation in a deep freezer
  5. zUsable for 2years at 2~4℃

Operating Procedure

  1. Centrifuge the cells in logarithmic growth phase and collect 5×105 ~ 1×107cells.
  2. Suspend the collected cells in 1mL of this medium and place the cells in cryotubes for freezing and preservation. Then freeze and preserve the cells at -80℃ without preliminary freezing. The cells frozen at -80℃ can be preserved subsequently in liquid nitrogen.
  3. Thawing must be carried out quickly in a constant-temperature chamber or bath.

★ The cells must be frozen in logarithmic growth phase.

Application(Cell preserved well by cryopreservation test)

  • P3U1 (mouse myeloma cell line) ・K562(human leukemia cell line) ・Human gastric epithelial cells
  • humanγδT cell ・Daudi (human B cell line) ・PC12 (rat-derived adrenal phechromocytona)
  • human B cell line ・OKT4 (mouse hybridoma) ・monkey Bcell line ・Mouse ES cell line
  • Activated lymphocyte derived from human peripheral blood ・Activated lymphocyte derived from mouse spleen