Business name GC LYMPHOTEC Inc.
Headquarters 18-4 Fuyuki, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0041, Japan Map  Phone/Fax: +81-3-3630-2530/+81-3-3630-2531
Foundation April 26, 1999
Representative Park James Jong-un, President and CEO of GCLYMPHOTEC Inc.
Major customers GC Cell Corporation 
FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation
Nippon Genetics Co., Ltd.
Cosmo Bio Co., Ltd.

History of GC LymphotecCorporate history

April 1999
Foundation of Lymphotec Inc.
May 2000
Adopted as a commissioned development project of the Japan Science and Technology Agency
August 2000
Study results on recurrence prevention after liver cancer surgery are published in The Lancet
May 2001
Hakusan CPC is completed
April 2003
Contract is signed with Tokyo Medical and Dental University for collaborative study on activated T-cells
April 2005
Contract is signed with Innocell Corp. for licensing-out of activated lymphocyte culture
January 2006
Receives Quality management system ISO 9001 certification
August 2007
Innocell Corp.’s paid clinical trial on activated lymphocytes for liver cancer is approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of Korea
April 2008
Headquarters moves to the current address, Fuyuki, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan
April 2014
Hiroyuki Funamoto succeeds Teruaki Sekine as the President and CEO
April 2016
Kazuhiro Sato succeeds Hiroyuki Funamoto as the President and CEO
April 2018
Lee Duck-Joo succeeds Kazuhiro Sato as the President and CEO 
April 2022
Park Dae-woo succeeds Lee Duck-Joo as the President and CEO 
April 2023
Park James Jong-un succeeds Park Dae-woo as the President and CEO


Our guiding principle is to contribute to human health through prevention of cancer recurrence by means of activated autologous lymphocyte therapy (Sekine method). Under this principle, we have improved the health and quality of life (QOL) of many cancer patients.
We will build the structure required to develop the life sciences, especially regenerative medicine and personalized medicine, based on our long-accumulated technologies that benefit lives while ensuring safety.
As a company dedicated to improving human life, we are committed to acting ethically and faithfully pursuing our mission to ensure that our culture technology contributes to human health and the well-being of society.
We would greatly appreciate your continued understanding and support in the years to come.

Teruaki Sekine, Honorary Chairman
Park James Jong-un, President and CEO of GCLYMPHOTEC Inc.