TLY Culture

Features of TLY Culture

  • Anti-human CD3 antibody is immobilized on the bottom surface of the culture flask (25 cm2).
  • Flasks are filled with 5 ml of human lymphocyte culture medium beforehand.
  • Culture can be easily started from a minute amount (10–100 µl) of human peripheral blood (whole blood).
  • Lymphocytes increase in number by about 100-fold after 1–2 weeks culture.
  • Useful for research and tests that were not previously possible due to insufficient blood sample.
  • Samples for DNA analysis can be easily prepared from less than 100 µl of blood.
  • Culture can be started directly from postheparin blood. Separation of lymphocytes is not required.


FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation

Cosmo Bio Co., Ltd.

Nippon Genetics Co., Ltd.